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About - Julie Martelo - Time to Redesign

When Julie Martelo sets out to redesign or stage a home, she combines her love of decorating with a wealth of experience that equal Exceptional Results! Hundreds of clients in the past 12 years will attest to her creative talent and outstanding personal attributes. She’s Prompt, Professional, Personable and Creative. Clients’ visions of dreamy home interiors become a reality. Julie has a degree from the Sheffield School of Interior Design in New York City. She is certified in Real Estate Staging, Color & Interior Redesign. She is diligent in continuing her education, attending regular workshops around the country to avail herself and her clients’ to the latest interior redesign & staging applications.

On a personal note, Julie will tell you – her love of interior design began at an early age and her creative gifts have been demonstrated throughout her life. “I have loved decorating for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest sparks was witnessing a neighbor’s high school project of turning a shoe box into a living room, complete with handmade furniture, draperies and rugs.” Fully intrigued, I created my own designer living room in a shoebox during my High School Home Economics class, and the rest is history. My husband Jorge will tell you “I never walk into a dark house after a business trip because Julie will surely have rearranged the furniture again!”

So, whether you are looking to redesign your home’s living space, sell your current home, paint one room or your entire home’s interior, or just shop for new accessories, Julie has a service to meet your needs. She can help you develop a plan for success that will give you the beautiful home you want.

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