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Is it better to sell a house vacant or with furniture?

Bringing in furniture and accessories helps buyers to make an emotional connection with a home. It’s easier for them to visualize if their own furniture will fit into a specific space. There is an occasional situation where a house might be better left vacant, in the event it has numerous unfinished projects and is being sold “as-is” and is priced accordingly.

Where do you get the items to stage a vacant home?

I lease the larger furniture (beds, sofas, dining tables) from a furniture rental company. I also have 2 warehouses with additional items (linens, artwork, area rugs, linens, lighting & greenery) along with some smaller furniture pieces.

Can I stage my vacant home for just 1 month?

When renting large furniture the industry standard is a 3 month (90 day) minimum. If we are doing a “vignette” staging with no large furniture, then my minimum is 1 month (30 days).

Do I have to remove personal photos when staging my home?

It is recommended to remove most personal photo’s such as wall groupings, small frames on bookshelves and large family portraits.  A framed photo next to your bed is usually acceptable.

What is the most important thing I can do when staging my home?

The most important part of staging is making sure the home is spotless. All windows, baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, tile, grout, baths, kitchens, floors and carpets be clean. No matter what time of year you list your home for sale a SPRING cleaning is always in order.


Is there a fee for a decorating consultation?

Yes, there is a fee for my decorating consultations. There are times when a client only needs suggestions, advice or confirmation they are on the right track with their ideas, therefore they are paying for my professional opinion, suggestions and expertise.

What information will I need to provide during our first meeting?

Design photos from magazines are always helpful as well as a budget and decorating style. If there is a specific time frame a client needs the work completed, that will be important too. The more information you can provide about your likes and dislikes the easier it will be for me to determine what you will be happy with. I provide a client questionnaire at the initial consultation.

Can you work with what I already have or do I have to buy all new items?

I always try using what you already own if you still love it. Sometimes a new location or using a piece in a different way will bring it to life again. Some items can be repurposed. I want to help you achieve your goals while staying within your budget. Most items in your home will reflect your personality or have special meaning to you. I will strive to keep as many of those as possible.

Do you have a specific style of decorating?

I love all styles of decorating. I will work with your style to give you a finished product that compliments you and your home. Your homes’ decor should reflect your needs and your style. The principals of decorating are the same, regardless of the specific style.

Can I go shopping with you or do you shop alone?

I prefer to go shopping alone, but I do allow you to accompany me for things like beds, sofas and chairs. Those items must be comfortable to you or your family and that usually will mean a trip for you to try them out.


What is the process for choosing wall colors?

Once we discuss a particular rooms “inspiration” I will select a few colors that will work in your particular space.

How much does a color consultation cost and what does it include?

My color consultation is $150 and includes 1-3 rooms of recommendations which usually takes about 1.5 hours. You will receive sample colors as well as a “perfect color palette” after we choose the final colors.

Will I have have to invest in multiple pints of paint before choosing wall colors?

No, I order 8×10 paper samples so you can see different choices on the walls without the expense or hassle of painting on the walls of every room. These are delivered directly to your home by UPS in about 4-5 days.  Then you can tape them to the walls and view them in the light of your home.

Do I have to use a specific brand of paint?

No, you and your painter can use whatever paint brand you like. The color choices I give you are Sherwin Williams. Your paint store will have all the formulas for other paint brands.

Can’t I just choose colors from a palette at the paint store that I like?

I don’t advise this because it’s important to see the colors in your homes light. The paint stores use florescent lighting and there is usually no natural lighting. Artificial light such as lamps and types of bulbs you use will change a paints visual color. Choosing the final paint color in your home’s environment will help ensure you will love the color once it is on the wall.


What is Interior Redesign?

Interior Redesign is the process of using your existing furniture & decor and re-arranging to give you a new look and feel.   We can add to the function of a space or keep it the same.

How does the process work?

After an initial consultation we will return and remove everything from the space.  Once a focal point is established or created, we will bring furniture, lighting & decor back into the room.  By following all the design principals for space planning, traffic flow and balance the redesign will be a success.  Clients love redesigns because it allows them to keep the items they love, but enjoy them in a new way.

Do I have to buy new items?

Not usually.  After we use everything you have and shop your house (with your permission) we will leave you with a list of anything that might complete the room.


How much does redesign cost?

Typically a redesign is much less than the cost of a new piece of furniture.  One room is $325 and a full day (2-3 rooms) is 750.00.


How long does a redesign take?


It all depends on the size, but  one room usually takes about 3 hours.  We will spend a full 8 hour day when redesigning 2-3 rooms, for example:  living room, dining room & family room.  During the initial consultation we will make that determination.


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